Every driver experience the same problems during heavy rain: Difficulty on the driving visionBase on the report from the U.S. Department of Transportation , from 2007-2016 every years average had 556,151 case of car crash due to the weather-related issue, and the rain contribute up to 10% in this statistic report. It’s also the second highest driver killer which most people are not aware of. This mean everyday we have up to 152 case of car crash is due to rain vision issue !Many people still do not know there is actually a lot of products in the markets that can actually help you to reduce the risk of driving in the rain because of impaired vision. Consider it is an insurance for yourself and your family, a few dollar for a life is incomparable. The problems is, what and which product to use?
To some people that question might come into mind especially during the thick of storm season and showers are pouring all day long, while there are some who think they don’t need to put anything else on their windscreen and most product now are probably just gimmick to scam your money. Well, some products really are just a gimmick to scam your money, but for a real silica coating product it will make a whole lot of different when you drive in the rain. I used to be skeptical until I’ve tried it myself and trust me on this I can even drive in the rain without using the wiper.


Though a quick disclaimer I’m not saying that everyone needs to try and drive in the rain without using the windscreen wiper, you do need to use it when the rain gets too heavy but the coating does help improve your vision and the hydrophobicity will let the water bead roll of your windscreen giving you clearer vision. This time I use SafeVision for my windscreen, which is a DIY windscreen coating product that is produced by TEVO Creations.

Simply put, it is a must have coating for your windscreen. It can help restore mild blur on your windscreen and provide hydrophobic water beading effect while you drive. The water beading can help you see better when you are driving in the rain. Why do I say it is a must have? Because it’s a matter of safety, having a product that can help you see better during tough condition could be the difference between life and death.

Just look at that water bead.

It is very straight forward anyone can apply, it does not include any complicated steps and the result is almost instantly just spray on your windscreen, buff and your good to drive in the rain. For me honestly I’m a very lazy person, and the thought of applying coating to my windscreen does sound a bit of a hassle, but with SafeVision I can just put the spray and g-glove in my dashboard then I can apply it on the road or before I go to work in the morning when there is a sudden downpour of rain. Just a quick 5 minutes spray and buff on the windscreen and I can enjoy the hydrophobicity of a coated car without having to go through any complicated process of detailing. Plus when you feel like the effect is wearing out you can just spray and buff anytime you want.


This is a DIY product series, you don’t have to be a certified detailer with high skill to purchase this, you can email directly at sales@tevocreations that you want to buy G-Activ SafeVision, call +045085688 or go to the websites directly, chat with them and you can request to buy. Plus, with just one product you can use it up to 10 cars! That is taking into consideration that you coat the whole windscreen area front back and side, and if you’re like me who just coat the front windscreen, one product can last longer!!


I hear you loud and clear, where is the result? Show us proof! Calm down I will show the result from my own experience. For this test before applying the SafeVision I cleaned my windscreen a little bit with with the water hose and wipe with clean cloth to remove any accumulated dust, after that I just spray the SafeVision directly to my windscreen, buff it with the G-Glove and straight away test it. You can see the result below.

Front windscreen: Left side is non-coated, right side is coated.
Water bead on the right side easily rolls of the windscreen.
You be the judge, which side is better.

From my observation on the coated side, when my speed reaches about 60km/h – 70km/h is when you can see the water beads starts to roll of the windscreen because it is being pushed by the wind giving you improved visibility and clarity while on the other hand the rain water just stick and spread on my windscreen impairing my vision. Overall in my opinion this is a good product that I highly recommend to car owner, especially during this rainy season. It’s affordable, you can bring it with you anywhere you go and most importantly you can apply it anytime with no special skills needed. You’ve seen my result, its time to try it yourself and trust me you won’t be disappointed. If you’re concerned about driving safely, then the single most important thing is vision. If you’re unable to see a what’s in front of you, then there’s no way you can respond to it, and that puts you and your loved ones at risk. Don’t be that guy who regret things when it’s too late.